Educational Advocacy & Strategy

At AdvUcate, our goal is to educate U on the special education process to help U become the best advocate for your child!

We believe access to equitable education is a right not a privilege.

Hi there! I’m Jennifer.

I work with families to support and guide them through every step of the special education process to ensure your child receives the support and services to which they are entitled. My goal is to create the opportunity for U to become the best advocate for your child.

My philosophy is simple; I believe U are the expert on your child and will always know your child best. You will forever be the most important member of your child’s team.

I am solution oriented and believe collaboration is key. From referral to initial evaluation, to helping to determine eligibility, to attending team meetings… I will be with U 100% of the way!


Here’s what it’s like to work with me

Where do you want to start?

You have an inkling that your child isn't getting what they need but you're not quite sure where to start? That’s where I come in.
Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and let’s work together to create a plan that will help your child be successful!